Monday, May 28, 2012

White and Black Bouquet for a Southern Wedding....

My dear friend Amy is getting married! Mind you I have never personally met Amy, but we have become friends over the last few years thanks to Spirit Jump and Facebook. She and her family have gone through A LOT with regards to their health and while I don't want to go into all the details, I have to say this, Amy and her kids have a heart of gold and have so much faith and strength. They always rise above.
Amy is getting married to her high school friend, Geoff. This will be their second marriage and they both have kids - almost like the Brady Bunch 6 kids, ranging in ages of 7 to 22! Since I have known her, I have never seen her as happy as she is right now. 

She asked me to create her wedding invitations and her bridal bouquet. Amy never had an official wedding the first time so Geoff is giving her the wedding of her dreams but on a smaller scale. She wanted a white, black and silver color palette. She was worried that a white & black bouquet would not look stunning. Granted, I've only made a white and black bouquet once prior, but it was simpler. I suggested anemones, gardenias (being that they are getting married in Georgia and it adds a bit of Southern charm), stephanotis with rhinestones, lilac, lily of the valley, English roses and sweet peas. I also added black velvet vintage leaves and a silvery vintage leaf vine to accent the colors she wanted. 
I decided to add subtle but natural hints of color with light greens, yellows and a very blush pink/champagne. The bouquet is wrapped with black satin ribbon and had a beautiful rhinestone buckle. 

 Congratulations to Amy and Geoff!

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