Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother's Day Tea....

 My mini teapots are such a hit, that one of my repeat clients asked me to make a trio of a teapot and teacups for her mother for Mother's Day. She really liked the vibrancy of my all ranunculus teapots, but wanted teapots and teacups. She later saw my mini daffodils and asked if I could add that. So I decided last night to make them and instead of doing all ranunculus to have the yellow flowers be daffodils. I think they came out super cute.

 I'm not sure I will have time to make more arrangements for Mother's Day, but maybe this weekend I might squeeze out a few. I've been trying to maximize my day which means less time on Facebook and more time in the studio. Lots still to accomplish but feeling less stressed as I accomplish more throughout the day!

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Skye said...

these are so beautiful! i would love to get one for my mom.. been a very rough year for our family and i haven't been able to get her anything the past few yrs.. if you have time.. please send me an email to dtherrian@gmail.com. i would be estatic!