Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gearing Up for My Son's Angry Birds Theme Party

My son seems to pick birthday theme parties that are ahead of the party supply stores. He had two themes, Angry Birds or Skylanders. I told him Skylanders was out of the question because nothing exists out there in the way of party supplies and I knew it would be a lot of work for me.
We agreed on Angry Birds. Although there are things out there and several DIY party ideas, almost everything you have to buy online. I decided to make cupcake toppers out of clay and initially I thought I would just place the clay figurine on the cupcake, but I decided to put the cake pop sticks at the base of the figurine so it doesn't touch the cupcake.

These are what I made for his classmates for his class celebration next week. I still have to make 12 more figures for his actual birthday party. I actually think my pigs are better than the red angry birds! I've made his banner, worked on the favor bags/tags, milk bottle tags and a few other things. Still a lot to do, but he's loving all the crafty things I'm doing for his birthday!


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Wow! My girl would love these! How fantastic!