Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baking makes for great food props...

I've been busy in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes that I've had my eye on of late. Between and, I'm in heaven. :) At any rate, as I mentioned before, baking is like relaxation therapy for me. Most of the goodies I make, I have been sharing with friends and family. I think all my friends on Facebook hate seeing my delicious pictures all the time.
I bought these great shooter glasses for a photo shoot and then used them for my friend's daughter's 5th birthday party for candies. I wanted to try panna cotta. My friend's cousin is in town so they tried it out. It gave me the confidence to see if I could do it too. Let's just say I'm in panna cotta heaven at the moment. It's my new favorite dessert.
In the last 2 weeks, I've tried honey panna cotta with coffee gelee, pumpkin panna cotta with cocoa whip, coconut vanilla panna cotta with pomegranate gelee, lychee panna cotta with strawberry gelee. Just those 4 my friend made. I decided to make coconut panna cotta with fresh strawberry gelee as my first attempt, it was so yummy! Although I didn't have the right demitasse spoons for the shooter glasses. I went to Cost Plus yesterday since I had a coupon and bought wider mouthed tasting glasses and tasting spoons! Definitely a good buy. I also made last night honey vanilla panna cotta with strawberry and blackberry gelees. Both were quite delicious!So with the fact that I have food props, I thought it would be a great way to showcase my one-use wooden, handstamped spoons! These would be awesome for holiday or special event parties where dessert bars are featured. I have to say, panna cotta is not difficult at all, just takes time. It's so light and refreshing. So these spoons are not just for ice cream themed parties, but any party where you have tasting type station. SO CUTE!
I'm back in the studio today trying to work on a bridal bouquet replica and I have a couple more items I need to focus on and then the big task for the month besides spending Christmas and New Year's with my family is to get my website done!

If you are interested in these eco-friendly, one-time use, disposable, hand-stamped spoons, visit my Etsy site.

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