Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pinks, Yellows and Shabby Chic!

I know it's officially Fall and we are nearing Thanskgiving, but my two favorite seasons are Spring and Summer. Plus today is a dreary and cloudy day, so I needed something bright to cheer me up. I had several flowers left from the photo shoot I worked on last month and I haven't had the time to decide what to do with them, until today.
I found some great buys at a local craft store as they were closing out these wonderful shabby chic style wooden vases that were blush pink/brown with the word "Spring" and a cute bird painted on them. I finally decided to use one of the two boxes I found. I just love how it turned out.
This lovely piece is 12x12x10" overall and it's so bright and cheery. Pinks and yellows, full of peonies, garden roses, English roses, ranunculus and tulips. It just makes me smile when I see this piece.

So click here if you're interested in purchasing this piece!

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