Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flowers for a Destination Wedding in Mexico

I just finished part of an order for one of my brides. She is getting married in Mexico towards the later part of this month. Her colors are beautiful hues of orange like a sunset. She asked for some hair flowers and corsages. Her order grew a few days ago to include favors, which I still have to work on.I wanted to share some of the flowers I worked on for her wedding. My absolute favorite that I made from the order is this dahlia! From a yellowy-orange to a deep coral, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A slightly different style of dahlia as she wanted pointy tips to her petals. I couldn't replicate the real flower the way it looked in the picture, but I love how this flower turned out.
We did flowers in shades of orange dark to light.

For the mothers and grandmother she asked for white/ivory flowers with orange accents on pearl wristlets.I'll share the favor boxes when those are done, but thought I would post the photos that I took today of this order.

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