Sunday, September 11, 2011

Butter Yellow, Ivory and Blues...

My client, Kim contacted me a while back and asked if I could create her wedding flowers. She wanted to tie in the colors of her wedding and the inspiration was this wonderful oriental vase lid that tied in their blue color palette as well as their ethnic background of French and Vietnamese. They did these lovely wooden, Asian inspired wedding invitations which also highlighted the blues and yellows.
Kim chose butter yellow and ivory ranunculus, light blue forget me nots which I colored to match the light blue in this vase lid and royal blue African violets.The bridesmaid bouquets are smaller versions of the bride's bouquet but with more yellow than ivory.
The groom, man of honor and groomsmen boutonnieres mimic that of the bouquets. The father's also have the same boutonnieres as the groomsmen.Kim asked me last minute if I could also create 2 additional boutonnieres and a corsage for other family members or friends who she wanted to include. For these we decided on ivory ranunculus with forget me nots and light yellow hyacinth blossoms.
The groom asked that his mother's corsage match his dad's boutonniere. While Kim asked me to create something to match her mother's dress colors. So we opted for ivory ranunculus with lilac colored hyacinth and a violet on a wristlet. Kim's grandmother is wearing pink so we created the same flowers but in the pink and ivory color palette.This order took some time because every ranunculus had so many petals! I'm already working on the next special project that's due on Tuesday as well as a few more items I need to finish before I hop on the plane for my workshop classes at Icing Inspirations!

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