Sunday, August 28, 2011

Custom Floral Arrangements

Well, I'm a bit behind in blog posts as you can tell. It's been very hectic the last several weeks with orders, special projects and the first week of school for my son.

This first back blog post is about several custom floral arrangements that I worked on for a client overseas. I'm very excited about this business opportunity as my flowers would be marketed to customers in this fabulous country! I can't yet tell you where, but I'm very happy to see my business growing.
My client asked for 2 of each size arrangement as well as a sample bridal bouquet to show some potential customers at a big meeting later this week.

She searched my thousands of images that I have online and found several bouquets she really liked and asked if I could recreate them or something close to it. These are a sampling of what I sent out last week.
Hopefully in the not so distant future, lovely clay floral arrangements might be sitting in the homes of people in far off places!

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