Monday, July 25, 2011

Citrusandorange + Amy Atlas + DK Designs!

Normally when we think of Mondays, we have the "Monday Blues" - back to work and the monotony of life. Today has to be one of the best Mondays I've had in a LONG time!
As you recall, Susana of the lovely blog Citrusandorange, asked me to create a floral centerpiece for her daughter's birthday party. Her color inspiration was coral, pinks, whites and aqua. We decided on coral peonies, peach poppies and white ranunculus. To give you a little back story, I told Susana I would ship her order via Priority Mail. Well, thinking it would get there super fast, it got stuck in Customs. Thankfully she received the flowers the week prior to her daughter's party. With one issue, one of the peonies had fallen off the stem, due to the postal service/customs handling the flowers once they arrived in Portugal. So leave it to Susana to use that fallen blossom to be used on her daughter's lovely birthday cake!Susana and I agreed to do the flowers on individual stems so she can repurpose them to fit her needs. I think that's why I love Susana so much! She takes what you give her and creates new and refreshing design elements. I totally wish I was a guest at the birthday party. She even had coconut cupcakes with poppies made out of sugar to match the ones I made for her out of clay!

Susana takes lovely photos and she submitted them to Amy Atlas' blog and Amy's team loved it so much they featured Susana's dessert display! I was completely FLOORED! WHO doesn't LOVE Amy Atlas???? I swoon over all her dessert table designs and all the amazing things she creates.
I'm always so blessed to meet so many people around the world and so appreciative of the exposure I receive. :) This is exactly why I LOVE what I do!

For more amazing photos and a little more about the inspiration behind the design and details:
See Susana's blog post recapping her daughter's birthday party here.
See Amy Atlas' blog post on Susana's dessert table design here.
Thank you Susana and Amy for allowing me to be part of your blogs and making this Monday one of the BEST! :)

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