Monday, June 6, 2011

A Very Special Thank You Gift

My son is in his last week of school. It is hard to believe that he is going to be a 1st grader in August! He has grown and developed so much in the last year. It amazes me constantly where he started at the beginning of Kindergarten and where he is today. He is now reading books!Although I spend a lot of time with my son to help him with his school work and making sure he's grasping all facets of his kindergarten education, we owe a lot to his wonderful teacher. She's such a wonderful and loving person and gives so much to all the kids. I am so happy that she is my son's teacher and has made learning fun.As part of the gift we're giving to her, I decided to make her a special arrangement. I've given her things in the past, but this is the largest piece I've made for her. She often would comment about how beautiful my flowers are and how she just enjoys looking at them. So I knew I could not disappoint! My son's teacher will be someone we will always remember, respect and hope we will keep in touch with her throughout Aidan's childhood! Thank you to all teachers for what you do for our children - your patience, your knowledge and for encouraging our children to be the best!


Unknown said...

Every time I see your work I am blown away again. You have such an amazing talent, they are all so gorgeous!

ann @ wedding favors said...

Flowers could be one of the last-minute wedding favors that you can give it to the guests. And the arrangement of the flowers is gorgeous. The guests will surely like it.

grace @ wedding favors said...

Your son and my nephew happen to have the same name! :D Teachers are always deserving to receive flowers and that arrangement of yours is perfect for a woman who had worked hard in order for our children to gain some knowledge. :D