Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nothing but Gardenias...

There's definitely a pattern going on with my flower making. I switched from making nothing but peonies to nothing but gardenias. My next order is all about plumerias. :)This particular client fell in love with an invitation I did for my client, Kristy way back but wanted a gardenia instead of a magnolia motif but loved the pink and brown combination. She ordered invitations, a guest book, favor boxes and hair flowers. I just finished her order yesterday and it's all packed and ready to ship.It just so happened yesterday, when I went to the floral supply store they had some extra FRESH gardenias they were giving away and I got to take home 2! They smell so delicate and sweet! I took a couple of photos. My goal is to one day master the gardenia so you really can't tell if it's real or fake. :)Seriously a lot of plumerias being made for my next client's wedding. Will post as soon as I'm done with that order.

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