Friday, April 15, 2011

Some more new hair flower designs...

I've been working on a few more hair flower designs today. There are more to share, but for now, I thought I'd share these 3 that I did and listed on my website.

I'm loving my new rhinestone buttons. I decided to make a large form shrub rose (dog rose) with these pave rhinestone buttons. I did one in a pale yellow with black velvet leaves. I have seen a lot of weddings on various blogs using yellow and black. It's such a striking combination and it works well with this hair flower.
Of course I did a more traditional one with ivory and off white velvet leaves. Both are beautiful.
The other flower I decided to was a large form gardenia with elongated petals and green leaves. This is for the bride that wants a bit of greenery with her gardenia.

I have a couple more anemones in blush pink and deep purple that I'll share tomorrow. My ivory and black one sold in less than an hour after listing it! Visit my Etsy site if you'd like to see more!

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Michele Butler said...

These are so precious and beautiful!