Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cherry Blossom Cake Flowers

A client recently contacted me and asked if I could create cherry blossom branches for her 3 tier cake. She had purchased a custom bird cake topper that she wanted a circle of cherry blossoms to surround the birds & base as well as branches to go up the sides of each tier. She asked me for a rough sketch and a quote.
She was very interested in having me create her cake flowers. Since my faux cake has only one position for the flowers to go in, I wasn't able to show you how it looks completed, but this gives you some ideas on what it could look like and other design ideas. I love how the branches make the cake 3 dimensional and adds lots of movement!
It's been a busy Easter weekend. No Easter egg hunts or brunch, my son got strep throat again so I was busy taking care of him and trying to get caught up on my work. Another year, my son didn't get to celebrate Easter with everyone. I think that's now 4 of 6 that he has missed out on!

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