Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ivory, Chocolate Brown and Pink Cake Flowers

A wedding cake designer in Vero Beach, Florida, contacted me recently and asked if I could create the flowers for a specific cake she was trying to recreate. The cake is 4 tiers with brown satin ribbon bands at the base of each layer and the cake had pinkish brown lilies, chocolate brown leaves and ivory roses. The cake also had wispy brown reeds and crystals throughout.
Granted, my faux cake cannot accommodate all the flowers, but I wanted to share with you just a segment of it. I was skeptical that it would turn out nice, but in the end, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well it came together. :)
It's hard to stay focused these days with all that is going on in Japan. My heart breaks for all the families suffering from the earthquake, tsunami and the unstable nuclear power plants. I have family and dear friends who are affected directly and indirectly and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Even though we donated to help the relief effort, it honestly doesn't feel like enough.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, absolutely stunning! I love the contrast of light pink on the brown leaves. Beautiful work, as always. :)

BTW, we're devising a way to proudly display the bouquet you created for our wedding! I'll let you know what we come up with. :) Any suggestions?