Monday, October 18, 2010

Silent Auction for My Son's Halloween Fun Night Fundraiser

This year I've been more involved in my son's education and school. He's in kindergarten at the elementary school where I went. They really depend on the parents to volunteer in each class. I decided that I would focus on helping in the classroom and volunteering as much as I can as time permits. Sometimes I get roped into more than I had bargained for, but it's all for a good cause. I've enjoyed working with my son on his homework and watching him excel in school. Just seeing him read a little more each time we read a new book is mesmerizing!
I had offered to donate a clay floral arrangement and that basically got me somehow roped into designing the gift basket for our Halloween Fun Night. Each class is required to create a gift basket with a specific theme and the families donate to the basket with items or cash. Since I agreed to donate an arrangement they decided on a "garden" theme. They thought I also offered to design the basket so I got suckered into that one. Honestly though it was kind of fun to do. Thankfully the other parents donated items and cash so this is a great gift to receive. Since I have lots of zenatona art and "bloomies", I thought this would be perfect to include in the themed planter! I titled the planter - "garden in bloom". All the parents loved how it turned out. I already know a few moms who are ready to bid on this item. It's all for a great cause. It's one of the big fundraisers for the school for the year and a lot of fun for the kids.I made all the signage for the planter to make the gift cards and seeds stand out a bit more. I had used the artwork I had made for one of my clients which I thought worked perfectly and I loved the pink and green hues! Makes you ready for Spring again even though I love Fall!

I'll also be trying my hand at face painting. Clay, now give me clay and I can really do something with that. Face painting? Oh dear.... LOL.

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