Monday, October 25, 2010

Bouquet and Boutonniere for a Destination Wedding in Bali

This is going to be a CRAZY busy week of trying to complete 7 bouquets. I finished 1 bouquet which would make that a total of 8. On top of that I have a large corporate holiday card order to get done as well!
Anna came to me and had asked me to quote her on some bouquets and boutonnieres. She had an idea of what she liked, but over time things changed. First off, my quote was a little out of her price range but she loved the flowers so much she decided to at least get her bouquet and her groom's boutonniere for their destination wedding that will take place in Bali next month.
Initially she liked a myriad of various flowers and then she was torn because her family told her no white flowers. However her colors are like a cerulean blue and creamy yellow. She thought maybe peonies, roses and callas with hints of blue would go. I was a little hesitant but suggested she think about it some more. Her first idea was to have all white/ivory flowers. I told her while I could do flowers with hints of blue, in the end after her wedding is over, is she going to regret having clay flowers that are not realistic looking because they have painted hues of blue? In the end, this is how it turned out and she LOVES it!

This bouquet would look lovely over the beautiful aqua blue waters of Bali! :)


Jessie Blum @ Eclectic Unions said...

Love the cala and peonies together - a bit unexpected, but really beautiful. You're so great at collaborating and interpreting your clients ideas!!

I just tucked my bouquet away on a shelf - it fits perfectly in one of the vases from our cocktail centerpieces. So happy that I have it to enjoy every single day!

cherrie said...

Hi Diane...I am so amazed with your speed!Completing the C3 class alone is such a big effort and here you are with another beautiful project completed...WOW!! I'm always a fan.