Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Fall Wedding Bouquet & Boutonniere

A couple weeks ago an Etsy buyer asked if I could make her some smaller gardenias with alligator clips rather than the u-shape hair pin. She also expressed interest in the peony flowers for a bouquet. We exchanged several convos back and forth and she decided to go with the creamy yellow peonies and add some more jewel tone colors to the bouquet.
Betsy was so ecstatic when she got the photos today and said she would always cherish the flowers. She asked for her bouquet as a bridal shower gift, I think from her mother. That's actually a neat way to be able to get your bouquet flowers, ask your bridal shower attendees to chip in or buy you your dream wedding bouquet in clay! :) She also requested a matching boutonniere for her groom.

Something different about this couple is that they are using an old high school gym as their venue for their wedding ceremony, but all with a fall inspired color palette, complete with pumpkins! Best wishes to Betsy and her fiance!

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