Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gardenias and Purple Crown Orchids

Another bride came to me by way of Etsy. She originally ordered a gardenia hair flower and a few purple hydrangea hair flowers. Once she received them she emailed me to ask if I could make her a petite bridal bouquet for a beach wedding. She originally asked for bluish purple orchids, but later we agreed on white orchids with a purplish-magenta mouth, better known as purple crown dendrobium orchids. So we mixed in the gardenias and the orchids.
Kristen also requested another gardenia hair flower to be used as a brooch pin for her wedding gown. No one has asked me to do it, but it actually is quite striking. May just have to start thinking about some design concepts when I get a chance to breathe.Best wishes to Kristen and her fiance on their wedding day!

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Anonymous said...

How much did this all cost??