Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is in the Air = Red and Orange

After doing purples and whites, I'm now onto deep reds and oranges. My bride, Wendy wasn't sure what she wanted in terms of flowers. She just knew it had to be red. She was torn between going with a simple all red rose bouquet or to have a mixture of red flowers.

For her bouquet, she decided to do an all red rose bouquet with a white ribbon. 43 roses in all! Simply beautiful.Her bridesmaids she decided upon whimsical gerbera daisies in fall colors to go with their candy apple red bridesmaid dresses. Best wishes to Wendy and her fiance on their wedding day!I'll be a little consumed with work the next couple of weeks so my blog posts will be sparse until I resurface end of next week. Lots to talk about and share, but until then, back to working on TONS of flowers!

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