Thursday, August 12, 2010

Garden Art Party #5 a Success!

("intuition" paired with a couple of my purple and green inspired pieces)
Sunday, 8/8, was a GORGEOUS day for our 5th Garden Art Party. This time it was held at the Midas Garden, where we had the first party! The garden was blooming with all kinds of lovely blossoms, simply amazing. We even got to see caterpillars, chrysalis forming and even monarch butterflies! Debbie's mother-in-law so generously allowed us to use her garden again to host the Garden Art Party. We had lots of returning Garden Art Party guests as well as many 1st timers! Lots of new art from zenatona and DK Designs.

(This beautiful piece is "ella")
("capture life" and "secrets")
(my purple hydrangeas in a mini teapot)
("aloha" and my floral piece inspired by this print)

("leap of faith" and "grace")

("aperture", "lemon meringue sky", "bubbly" are the large canvas pieces and "don't worry, be happy" and "heroine" in the 5x6" canvas paired with my pieces)

Debbie introduced zenatona "bloomies" which was a hit with everyone. She has this fabulous idea she developed - 4 sheets of seeded paper with a little pencil that says "believe" on it where you can write 3 wishes and give the 4th bloomie to someone so they can make a wish and watch it bloom. The directions are simple, "make a wish, saturate with love, watch it bloom, share with another. " Debbie had samples of bloomies to show how they bloomed with just a little bit of water in a dish and you can see the wish she wrote on the paper. INGENIOUS! They make great little gifts too.I also introduced the gofigurette! line of products as well. Everyone thought they were so cute. Especially the younger generation loved the cupcakes and figurines. We also showcased my friend Myrna's Petal Chic line of hand dyed, handmade silk flowers. They are beautiful and great wearable art for your hair or clothing.
Many of the items did not sell, but are available on my Etsy site for sale, so definitely check out what is still left! I know many of you expressed interest in some of the pieces in past blog posts.I was so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and although we were so tired at the end of the day, it was a successful day of selling our art, but more importantly meeting new and old friends. Looks like I'll be heading down to San Diego in November to do a craft fair and some classes.("maya" in large canvas is AMAZING!)
Looking forward to the next Garden Art Party with zenatona!


meemers said...

Diane, Such great stuff! Your garden parties are getting bigger with each one. I especially LOVE that first pink ti leaf print, now that I am living in Dublin I am missing all things tropical!

DK Designs said...

Thanks Mimi! I miss Hawaii too! Hope life in Dublin is treating you well. One day we hope to go to Ireland! :)