Monday, July 26, 2010

My Twigs & Honey Original English Rose!

I've been a big fan of Myra Callan's work from the time I started on Etsy and she hearted my shop. She's so talented. If you don't know her shop already, it's called, Twigs & Honey. I had only wished that she was around when I got married. I always thought one day I would like to own one of her pieces, but where would I wear it since I am already married.Myra came out with this English Rose collection of 6 different styles all hand dyed silks in pinks, ivory, white and peach hues. She gives you an option of picking not only style of roses, but color, size and backing. Since I wanted something versatile, I told her a 4 inch flower and it was #5 - believe me it was so hard to choose I wanted all of them! I finally got my Twigs & Honey flower and it's so beautiful. The color is very subtle and natural looking since the fabric is hand dyed. I was surprised how stiff the fabric was, but I can imagine, that this helps to keep the nice shape.
It came perfectly packaged in a simple but sturdy box with a picture of one of the models wearing her hair fascinators. I'm so excited to wear this for my 5 year anniversary dinner with my husband in a couple of weeks. My dear friend has offered to watch our son while we have a nice dinner out. Something we don't do very often.
If you are interested in handmade, hand-dyed silk hair flowers, accessories and adornments, definitely check out Myra's work. She's coming out with a new online store soon with a lot of new designs. Her work has graced many bridal magazines and blogs and she's in high demand. Definitely plan ahead because she books fast and during busy wedding season you want to be sure you give yourself 1-2 months. She does do rush orders, but knowing how busy her schedule is, definitely plan ahead. :) It's well worth the wait!


Myra - twigs and honey said...

Thank you Diane!!! You are the biggest sweetheart. I can't wait to sen more prettiness your way. I wish we were't such crazy workaholics so we could hang out and make flowers together all day. I'm tentatively planning a trip down around your area *maybe* and I'll definitely give you an update when I have it. Have I ever told you that you take gorgeous photos?! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

DK Designs said...

Aww, you're so sweet! YES definitely let me know if you're in town, would love to meet you in person! :) Thank you again for my hair flower. So excited to wear it on my 5 year anniversary next week!