Friday, July 9, 2010

Mini Teapots to Mini Tea Cups = Another Great Flower Vase!

I was so excited yesterday when my shipment came. Lots of teapots and teacups to start working on filling. I am in the midst of filling orders for my brides, so I didn't get a chance to make a ton of flowers. However, I made enough flowers to fill one little mini teacup! So, so cute!
Can't wait to debut these at the upcoming Garden Art Party next month in San Diego. Then whatever doesn't sell will surely make it's way to my Etsy site. I bought a lot so definitely if they do sell out, I will be making more! The cup itself to give you perspective is 2" and the saucer is 4" not including the flowers. These would be so cute for a centerpiece for a tea party themed bridal shower or baby shower or as place settings and gifts to the mommy-to-be!

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