Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cranking out more arrangements for the Garden Art Party

Ever since Thursday, I've been working hard to get some flowers done for the upcoming Garden Art Party and these are the arrangements I was able to complete. The first is a lighter palette of ranunculus blossoms with viburnum in a mini teacup.
These flower cupcakes were very popular with our gofigurette! clients so I figured I would make one for the Garden Art Party. Complete with the cupcake stand. Hoping to make 1 or 2 more before the event.
Decided to use another one of these 3x3 fine weave pandan boxes from Eco-Friendly Market and do a green and purple palette of orchids, hydrangeas and roses.
These simple white hydrangea piece goes well with zenatona's "breeze" canvas art!
This particular piece comes from zenatona's "aloha" print. Love how I can be inspired by Debbie's amazing photography! This one is using Eco-Friendly Market's 6x6" square pandan box. Love to use these as containers for my arrangements.
Lastly and one of my favorites is this peony arrangement. Three large peonies in a vintage aqua blue mason ball jar!

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Ann Flowers said...

I really like the peony arrangement on your blog. It looks awesome. Keep on posting.