Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Peonies - Bridal Bouquet in the works

So, I've been wanting to experiment with my peonies for quite some time and after my dear friend's son gave me a beautiful full bloom peony it gave me some incentive to finally try it. After a couple of tries I think I'm happy with the results and decided to use this style for my current wedding bouquet order. Each flower has roughly 50-60 petals. I only made 7 full bloom flowers, but my fingers are TOTALLY sore and cramped. Not to mention I made 4 peony buds and 20 stephanotis flowers for this order as well. I'm excited to put it together and see how it turns out.
I just wanted to take some photos to share with you. Love the details!

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beckysmith said...

fabulous peonies of bridal bouquet.... looking very preety...