Friday, May 21, 2010

What do you do when you can't get fresh gardenias?

So what do you do when you can't get fresh gardenias? Hmm. clay flowers is a good option! :) I have a client who lives on the East Coast but is getting married in Sweden in July. She really wanted gardenias but it's not possible for her bouquet or her hair in Sweden at the time of her wedding. So she asked if I could make gardenias for her and incorporate them into her fresh flower bouquet. I've only done this once before and it was when I first started doing clay flowers. I decided to use a matte varnish on the gardenias for the bouquet to help keep the moisture away from the clay flowers. The matte varnish ended up giving the flowers a much softer and more realistic feel than I had expected.I am looking forward to seeing how Alexandra's bouquet turns out with the combination of the clay flowers and fresh flowers.
Alexandra also fell in love with the hair flowers that I did for Kristy and Hector's Big Island wedding which was featured on The Bride's Cafe blog, and so I recreated those for her. This is my first client to get married in Sweden so now I can say my clay flowers will make it's way to Sweden!

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Ann Flowers said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.