Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking a Much Needed Break....

The last couple of months have been EXTREMELY busy and to top it off, my son got pneumonia. Needless to say being a full time mom and owning your own full-time business takes its toll. I often feel bad that most of my time is spent working rather than spending time with Aidan. He understands his mommy has to work. He just got over pneumonia and the long hours that I've been working trying to do everything I need to get done to meet my deadlines was making me a little crazy. To the point where i had to remake hydrangeas for my client's bouquet 3 times to get it right. Granted the hydrangeas were used for other things, but that's when I knew I needed a day off.
Rarely do I take any days off, every day is somehow a work day for me. My husband and I agreed, we should get away for even just a day or two. So we booked a hotel at Shell Beach near Pismo. We drove down on Wednesday and stopped off at a place called Hoagies in Pismo Beach! OMG, awesome California style cheese steaks. Not a cheap lunch and it's probably enough to share with 2 adults. We couldn't finish the full sandwiches. We then drove back to the hotel to check in. Even our Boston Terrier joined us on the trip. He was a little freaked out, had no clue what the heck was going on.We took a little rest and then headed to the beach just below the hotel. Not a kid's beach, but with both my son and husband being sick, we just thought it would be nice for our son to just play in the sand and water. These are some of the shots I took of that day.
It was nice to get away for even 1.5 days and spend quality time with my family! That was my early Mother's Day gift from my guys. :)

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