Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Custom Color Lily Bridal Bouquet for a Maui Vow Renewal

I received an email from a client who is planning to have a vow renewal ceremony in Maui next month and she asked if I could make her bouquet. She fell in love with the purple anemone and blue hydrangea bouquet I made for a past client, but it wasn't in her budget. So we worked together to determine what she wanted. She finally decided upon a lily bouquet with purple roses and blue hydrangeas. She wanted the center of the lilies to be similar in color to the wisteria purple sash on her gown.
I often try not to do things that don't exist in nature, but when the client requests it, I follow through. I tried to make it as natural as possible and I think it came out very pretty. I think it will look stunning against her wedding gown.
Lots of things to work on in the next 2 weeks so I will have to update you but for now, I must get back to the studio and make a lot more flowers..


melissa said...

I am looking at a renewal service in September and fell in love with this bouquet. How much would it cost to order this and ca it be shipped?

DK Designs said...

Hi Melissa,

You can email me at dk@dkdesignshawaii.com. It depends when you renewal service is. If it's towards then end of September, I may be able to help.


Anonymous said...

How much would a bouquet like this be..im gettin married but not until 2016

DK Designs said...

Hi there,
Please feel free to email me directly at dk@dkdesignshawaii.com.

Thank you!