Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More new pieces for the Garden Art Party and Mother's Day

It's been a busy day in the flower making studio. I wish I could say I have a factory of people working for me, but it's just little ol' me! I was able to get a lot of flowers done today as well as put together 5 arrangements. The first 2 are my favorites. This first piece is all shades of purples and creams. I love the textures and dimensions of this arrangement. Reminds me a lot of my late mother now that I think of it. She was born in February and her favorite color was purple. Fitting that this was made just in time for Mother's Day. I think I'll make one with lily of the valley and pink roses in honor of my late mother-in-law's favorite flowers.
I couldn't not do hydrangeas. These two pieces were inspired by a custom order from a past client and I thought these would make great little gifts for Mother's Day.
This last piece is my other favorite. It's a different color scheme of the peonies and ranunculus one I did last night with the corals and the pinks. One of my interior design friends told me that white arrangements are considered very "in" in the design community. So even though it's not all white, it's just subtle hints of creamy yellow ranunculus mixed in. Whether you like bright and vibrant colors or subtle hints of color. Both are spectacular. I'm excited to show these at the Garden Art Party weekend. I'm tempted to post on Etsy but I will have to wait to see what sells and what's left over and then post on my site!


Debbie Friedrich said...

I wonder how many times the word "Wow" appears in your social media stream :) Wow! These are gorgeous - can't wait to see them and you in person!

Evonne & Darren Photography said...

These are so pretty, Diane! Wish I could make it to your party, but definitely next year when we are back in the Bay Area! :)