Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Couple New Pieces for the Garden Art Party and Mother's Day

In between my teaching, I've been making flowers here and there to add to the collection of arrangements I'll be selling at the Garden Art Parties next weekend. I will also be posting whatever doesn't sell on my Etsy site so stay tuned to see what is listed.This first piece is using the lid from the pandan box (from Eco-Friendly Market) of the arrangement I posted about earlier this week. The lid makes a great low profile arrangement. Even together at different height levels the two arrangements go nicely together.
The second arrangement is something I put together this morning before I head into teaching. I decided to try something outside of my comfort zone. Doing a myriad of colors of ranunculus. Kind of like picking an assortment of ranunculus blooms at the flower market. I think it came out quite beautiful. So much color, just makes you want to smile. :)

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Ann Flower said...

wow...these floral arrangement looks awesome. They are the success indicator of happy married life. Keep on posting.