Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beautiful Bouquet Replica out of Clay

One of my gofigurette! clients who has become a friend asked me a couple months ago if I could replicate her bouquet. I'm always nervous about replicating someone's bouquet because it will never look exact, but I suspect most former brides are just happy to have something that resembles what was in their bouquet and can have it for a lifetime and will look stunning day in and day out!Jen is super sweet and she is a referral from Debbie Friedrich, who photographed their wedding back on the Big Island. Jen and her husband Arun are expecting a little one this year and so I made a penguin family for her to give as gifts to her family and friends. She saw my clay flower work and asked if I could replicate her bouquet. Jen resides in India but was going home to visit her family in Hawaii before she has the little peanut. I had the honor of meeting her last month and she's such a cute and fun person. I don't often get to meet my clients so it was a real treat. Jen asked me to get her bouquet done before she goes back to India so it wouldn't have to be shipped to India. So this is how it turned out. It has lots of my favorite flowers so it's hard to let this one go, but I know Jen will treasure it. :)

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