Monday, February 1, 2010

New Bouquet - Rustic yet elegant

I have a client who is renewing her vows next month and she asked me to replicate her bridal bouquet. Granted, there are many things I still cannot replicate in clay, but I'm always eager to try. I was able this time to do the hipericum berries, monkey tail ferns and my latest endeavor was dried lotus pods and of course succulent rosettes.
At any rate, this particular client didn't like certain things in her original bouquet so she asked if we could substitute. So instead of the cymbidium orchids she had, she requested ivory anemones with brown centers since her colors were white, ivory, blue and brown with muted greens. I think it looks gorgeous. A big departure from what I'm used to.
I'm always hesitant about doing bouquet replicas because I'm not sure if the clients expect them to be 100% replica of their original. I think most clients are happy that they have a bouquet that's not going to die on them and that it has the flowers that were in their bouquet on their wedding day that they will now be able to treasure for many years to come.

I know it's been a while since I've posted about bouquets. More to come in the coming weeks. A new wedding order of bold reds, oranges and purples which I'm excited about and then a bouquet replica for another client. Things are getting very busy again. Definitely looking forward to an amazing 2010 wedding season!

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marie christine said...

Hi Diane, hope you are doing well !
Love the beautiful colours and the chocolate cosmos !