Saturday, January 9, 2010

A custom order - Passionate about Peonies

A client on Etsy asked if I could ship to Canada and she was very much interested in the green roses with white and yellow mums arrangement I had listed. She was also interested in a couple other designs, but she asked if I could recreate the Passionate about Peonies arrangement I had done a year or so ago which happened to be my 100th sale on Etsy. So since the way I was taught how to do peonies has changed and it's evolved more over time, I was excited to see how the arrangement would turn out and I'm quite happy with it. I might just actually list this piece on my Etsy site again! Who doesn't love pink peonies???Your sweetheart would definitely love a piece like this to enjoy for many years to come. I'm thinking I might create this piece in several different color combinations and i with Chinese New Year being on the same day, I can imagine this would be popular for those who celebrate it as well!


marie christine said...

And like peonies..what a great work of art ! It sounds like spring arrives !

Term papers said...

What a beautiful little Bouquets. I love flowers and would like to know more on how to design bouquets!

Zoe of Sleepy Moon Design said...

Very nice arrangement!