Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photos from my Client in France

My client Marie Christine contacted me several months ago to ask if I could create some custom items for her. She wasn't sure if I would ship to France, but I said I could. She had originally ordered some gerbera daisies to put on napkins for an outdoor garden party when the weather was nice. She also asked for some favor boxes for a special party she was throwing for some special people in her life.She was so appreciative when she received them. She then ordered a Spirit Jump blossom for a dear friend who was dealing with cancer back in France. She too is a cancer survivor. Since she purchased those items, she's been constantly reading my blog and leaving me very nice comments which I'm so appreciative that she follows me regularly in my writings and picture posting of what I am doing.Late last month and early this month she contacted me to see if she could purchase some items I had posted on my Etsy site because they were in need of some flowers to cheer them up. Marie Christine's husband is going through chemo treatments and he needed a lift in his spirits. So she ended up purchasing 3 of my floral arrangements that I had listed.
I wanted to share the pictures she sent to me and also her beautiful garden in France. She loves fresh flowers, but she has a great appreciation for the clay flowers and how realistic they look and provide everlasting beauty! I'm glad that I'm able to help her and her husband find happiness and beauty through these flowers. It means a lot when I can touch people's lives with the flowers because I really do put a lot of love and care into each creation!
Thank you Marie Christine for being such a faithful customer and for allowing me to share photos of the arrangements you purchased as the appear in your beautiful home as well as your beautiful garden!

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marie christine said...

Oops.. what can I say ?
One day on Dkdesigns I met the most lovely and talented seller in the world !
Trust me, I was a lucky girl, such a joy ordering one -or more !- of her amazing flowers - we will never tire of them - and reading her blog !
I want to thank you Diane, the sun is shining in our home and our heart !