Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last of the Floral Arrangements for the Garden Art Party

I managed to finish 2 more arrangements this morning as well as finished painting my "sunkiss" inspired piece so I wanted to share the photos.

These two arrangements below are little square glass vases filled with magnolia flowers and peach English roses. I was trying to think of what to pair the magnolias with and when I think of magnolias I think of the South and then I thought, Georgia peaches so hence peach roses. :) I think they are super sweet and delicate.
The below image is that of "sunkiss". What's not to LOVE about this print? When you see it in person it's even more impressive. I bought this print from Debbie in a 11x14 and had her mat it for me. It's so beautiful I wish it was a 20x24! The colors are just amazing and it makes me smile every time I see it. So I wanted to create a piece to go along with this beautiful image.
I was debating what vase to use and decided to use these wonderful pandan boxes from Eco-Friendly Market, who provide eco-friendly packaging alternatives for the wholesale market. They are super durable and heavy. Plus they promote sustainability! It ended up being the perfect vase for this arrangement.
Obviously there are no flowers in the "sunkiss" print, but it's the colors that inspire me. I tried to pull the colors from zenatona's image and other than the blue, I think I've captured every color. :) I love the colors of this arrangement and the playful monkey tail ferns that makes it look more rich in color since everything is so vibrant with the pinks, greens, yellows, oranges and even purplish browns.I only wish I had more time to create some more great pieces to showcase and sell, but I only have time for one more small one and then it's back to focusing on my orders and getting the studio ready for the Garden Art Party!


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