Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zenatona and DK Designs Garden Art Party recap - Such a wonderful event!

"breeze" and "jolliepops" and my clay florals
"jellybeams" and with my tropical floral piece
One of my favorites that I created for the show that I gave to Debbie & her family as a Thank You.
I created these great hanging orbs with my clay florals which everyone loved.
"maya" = LOVE! So beautiful and vibrant!

I'm back from my trip down to lovely San Diego! I had such an amazing time with my dear, dear friend, Debbie Friedrich of Debbie Friedrich Photography and zenatona! Debbie had this fabulous idea to do a Garden Art Party - designed around the idea of having a home party where you can sell things. But this time it was art pieces from mother nature or inspired by mother nature. Sharing and selling items that will nurture your soul was such a great idea.
"penelope" and one of my citrus tropical pieces."whole lava love" and two of my more vibrant pieces. The fall piece in the background was part of a giveaway."quench" was debuted at the Garden Art Party

I flew down on Friday morning and Debbie picked me up and took me to the Self Realization gardens in Encinitas. Such a wonderful way to start my day. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The gardens were amazing and just below us was the ocean. It's a place where people can go and meditate. The foliage and flowers are gorgeous. From there we went to Oceanside Harbor and had a nice lunch on the pier. Debbie knows how hard I work and how much I miss the ocean so she thought it would be the perfect start to my girl's half weekend, birthday celebration and of course, the Garden Art Party event.
"posey" is another favorite."harmony" was purchased by zenatona art collector!

After lunch we got all our supplies we needed for the Garden Art Party and met Debbie's wonderful sister-in-law, Lisa who came up early to help make all the food! We went to the Midas Garden where the party was to be held and started setting up. It really turned into a 1 hour photo shoot of my work and my new head shots. I can't wait to share those with you. Debbie graciously offered to shoot my flowers in the garden environment and also my new head shots since I'll most likely be featured in an upcoming magazine article. The lighting was amazing and I can't wait to see what she sends me when they are done being processed. Debbie is such a talented photographer. She makes you feel at ease, makes you laugh and relax even if you hate being in front of the camera. She does everything with love. Even with a broken toe and hobbling around, she did this for me and I'm so truly blessed to have such a wonderful and dear friend in my life. :)"lemon meringue sky" such a wonderful art piece of a dahlia!

Friday night we had a lovely dinner and then went back to her home to help her finish all her zenatona pieces and get all the final details done for the party. Saturday morning we got up and headed over to the Midas garden to set up all the pieces in the garden while Lisa made all the wonderful dishes for the party. Debbie's youngest daughter and her friend were our servers and they were so delightful and really did an amazing job. The guests loved the idea and were so enchanted with the art and how it was perfectly set in a garden environment. I did a demonstration on how to make a rose and they surprised me by singing happy birthday when it was time to serve the dessert. We did a giveaway of "hearts of gold" and my fall inspired floral arrangement.
"breeze" - zenatona pieces can be put into 20x30 large format canvas!

Both Debbie and I were so appreciative of the good weather, the support and help of her family and friends and for the sales! So many people commented on how they would like to have a Garden Art Party as well. So who knows, maybe we will be doing this again and on a regular basis! :) I could not have asked for a more supportive friend who felt that I would be the perfect compliment to her art. We work so well together and that's what I enjoy most about Debbie. She is so giving and encouraging! Life is just so amazing, you never know who is going to come into your life and I'm so very honored and blessed that Debbie is in my life. All because she was the photographer at a wedding I was helping coordinate with a friend. She continues to inspire me in so many aspects of life. :) Thank you Debbie for the honor and privilege of participating in the Garden Art Party!"ignite" and my green dendrobium and ivory rose floralsLisa (our chef for the day) and Debbie!
The creators of zenatona and DK Designs!


Debbie Friedrich said...

well I'm just left speechless by your words. Thank you for taking time out of your extremely busy life to come and work/play with me ;)

It gave me chills everytime I saw someone's elated expressions upon discovering your floral creations weren't real flowers!

I was overwhelmed with gratitude with everyone's support and I was so happy to see the Garden Art Party come to fruition! Lisa's culinary art was a smashing success, served by Krista & Amanda was a great touch! Hmm, I wonder where this will take us the NEXT time...

with much love & gratitude,

Michelle Scotti said...

I love the pairing of the arts! Your flower orbs are amazing...