Thursday, September 24, 2009

Red and White Bouquet - Gardenias, Callas, Roses and Stephanotis

Ruby is one of my Canadian Etsy customers. She asked me to make gardenia hair flowers in red and pink. I thought it was an odd combination, but she liked those colors and with the clay, you can do whatever color you want regardless of whether it exists. She recently contacted me again and asked if I could create her bridal bouquet. She didn't have too many restrictions, just that it had to be red and ivory and she gave me an idea of the flowers she liked. So we decided upon gardenias, white callas, stephanotis with rhinestone centers and red roses. I finished the bouquet off with ivory ribbon and accented with red.
Amazingly enough, I finished this entire bouquet in exactly one day! It took me 2.5 hours to make all the flowers and this evening I decided to work on putting it together. Helps that the weather has been very hot because it helps to dry my flowers faster! :)
I have a large order coming due, so I need to refocus my attention on my next bridal order. Lots of classes to teach tomorrow and Sunday as well. Never a dull moment. Best wishes to Ruby and her fiance!

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Miss Klutzy said...

I came across your work and etsy store while reading Weddingbee and I just wanted to say that your work is beautiful and so unique! It's hard to believe that all of it is clay! I can't imagine the work you must put into each piece but it is lovely. Thank you for bringing more beauty into the world.