Saturday, September 19, 2009

Plumeria Hair Flowers on Etsy

Today has been a busy day of catching up and finishing orders and of course posting more items on my Etsy shop. Today's listings are 3 different colored plumeria hair flowers - fuchsia pink, light pink and white! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE plumeria flowers, their beauty and fragrance are so captivating.
I think that's what I miss about not living in Hawaii, our plumeria tree in our backyard. Plumerias are quite fragile and delicate and turn brown and wilt rather quickly in hot weather. The clay plumeria flower alternative is perfect for the bride who wants to have plumerias and ensure that they will be beautiful the entire day through.Click on the images to take you to the Etsy listing. More items to come soon. Now back to work on lots of things as I got my shipment of clay today!

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