Sunday, September 13, 2009

DK Designs Clay Flowers and Invitations Featured in Gentry Magazine

As many of you know, Lea McIntosh and Jodi Murphy of McIntosh & Murphy are both colleagues and friends of mine. These two talented and awe-inspiring women have no shortage of GREAT and INNOVATIVE ideas. Earlier this week I had talked about their latest venture,, a dedicated search engine of blog articles of all things wedding! Lea and Jodi recently informed us that another project I contributed on last November was published in this month's Gentry Magazine. The premise of the project was Lea's creation of Ready to Propose - an over the top way for a guy to propose to the love of his life with the help of talented professionals.
The economy however didn't cooperate, but the idea nonetheless is ingenious! What better way to propose to the love of your life with a well thought out, over the top marriage proposal never to be forgotten. Lea brought together 17 amazing wedding professionals to create Proposal in Paradise. Lea had asked me to create a unique hair flower and a couple of invitations for the storyline and I was very fortunate that my flower was a constant in almost every shot of the project as well as my invitations served as a key piece of the surprises for the birthday girl and soon to be fiance!
Lea and Jodi have been so encouraging and supportive of my endeavors and have always tried to find ways to include me on their creative projects. I was so happy that the article was published. The angle of the story was modified slightly due to the economic climate we face, but it was expertly written. Basically, the article gives insight on how someone can create a memorable wedding proposal for his bride-to-be with a little help, whether your have a small budget or a big one!

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TraceyP said...

Welcome Home! What great media exposure for you - your work looks very lovely in print, if I do say so! {clapping and cheering}