Sunday, August 2, 2009

White and Black Anemone Cake Flowers

I will do a more detailed post tomorrow most likely about these striking white and black anemone cake flowers. The purpose of this post however is to show you some images I took of these anemone flowers this evening as the sun was setting through my studio window. The light is just so beautiful and I just had to get out my camera and play around a bit. So these are the images that I took using the macro feature on my camera. WOW!!! I didn't do anything to modify these photos. This is truly how they came out. They are black and white but with the combination of the shadows and lighting and my flash, many of these photos look like they are sepia tone. It was so cool and I'm quite happy with the way they came out. This one below came out a little over-exposed but equally as beautiful and striking!
When I look at these images, I think "vintage" and old world charm for some reason. Well, that's it about my post, I will be going back to my studio to work on 3 orders simultaneously.. let's just say, LOTS of plumerias... LOTS!


marie christine said...

I do love these anemones ! Fabulous work, fabulous attention to details, you are the best !

Becca said...

You do great work! I love the ideas and looks you come up with and choose to post for all to see.

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