Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lifting Spirits One Person at a Time...SPIRIT JUMP!

This post is something that has become near and dear to my heart. My dear friend Debbie Friedrich told me about an organization I should follow on Twitter called "Spirit Jump" about 2 women who started an organization to help cancer patients who need a spirit lift. I finally took the time to read into their organization, why it was formed, and was so moved by what these two women (both afflicted with different forms of cancer) and their team of volunteers do each and every day.

Visit to learn more about this amazing organization and see how you too can help lift the spirits of those afflicted with cancer.

The mission of Spirit Jump is to provide hope and comfort to the many men, women and children battling cancer, one gift at a time. Spirit Jump strives to let each and every cancer fighter know that they are not alone in their battle and that there are people behind them as they fight. Spirit Jump's goal is to help cancer fighters fight strong by providing uplifting cards and inspirational gifts from our "Jumpers" to help fighters maintain the strength they need every day as they battle this terrible disease.

The Amazing Part:. The amazing thing about Spirit Jump is that both the person giving a gift (Jumper) often has their spirit lifted just as much as the person receiving the gift (Jumpee).

It's simple and every one of us can do it. When you become a member of Spirit Jump, they send you weekly updates of a jumpee in need of a "jump", so if you their stories move you, you can email them back and let them know you want to send them a card or a small gift to cheer them up. You're not obligated to do this every time, only what you feel comfortable in doing. Just a simple card with a short message that you're wishing them well and hope this helps to lift their spirits is all you have to do.

I sent Meaghan an arrangement that never sold on my Etsy site and told her she can use it either as a giveaway item to raise money for their organization or to give it to a jumpee. She gave it to Pamela who is battling cancer and she said it lifted her spirits and she was starting to feel better! It truly was the best feeling ever. I've since sent 3 jumps to other cancer patients, one of which I sent an arrangement to. I also received notice of two more women who I decided also to make arrangements for.Cancer has affected me personally through the death of my mother who had a long battle with breast cancer that took her life 22 years ago. My husband's mother is a colon cancer survivor but now is battling bladder cancer. So doing what I can to try and help complete strangers whether it's a handmade card with photos of my clay floral art or an actual arrangement, really means a lot. I really hope to continue to lift spirits on a weekly basis. While I may not be able to give them all a flower arrangement I know that even a card to let them know someone cares about how they are doing is enough!

Please help by becoming a Spirit Jumper! It's simple. Visit!


Meaghan said...

what a wonderful post! The arrangement that went to Pam was beautiful and she absolutely LOVED it! The two in this post are just as amazing. You have been gifted with an amazing talent and I thank you for sharing it with Spirit Jump!


Jenny said...

You do amazingly beautiful work! Thank you so much for spreading the word about Spirit Jump. I originally got involved with Spirit Jump as a "jumper" sending cards and such. Now as a "jumpee" I can not tell you how much these cards mean and items mean. I know that I treasure each and every single card. The thought that someone took the time to sit and write me, a total stranger, touches my heart in a way I can not express. Thank you for being a Spirit Jumper and for telling others about Spirit Jump.

DK Designs said...

Thank you Meaghan and Jenny. I'm so honored to be able to help jumpees! Cancer hits very close to home and reading everyone's stories is truly inspiring. Wish I could give more, but knowing that just a simple card could make a big difference is awesome. I am praying for both of you as well as you fight cancer and defy all odds! :) YOU inspire me. :)

marie christine said...

Such a wonderful cause !
And such wonderful gifts !
I'm sure the flowers, the cards or any delicate attention mean a lot for all those people because it mean love and prayers.
Thanks to Spirit Jump !