Friday, July 10, 2009

Victorian Bouquet with a Twist

If you remember back in February I created a bridal bouquet for the Ralston Hall Bridal Faire and used left over flowers from other projects to create a Victorian style bouquet with a modern twist. Who knew that this particular bouquet would be so popular on Etsy. I have had many people inquire about the bouquet and this particular client asked me to make her a custom piece with a twist, a twist of orange blossoms that is. I mentioned to her that the one listed on my site was more petite and that if she wanted to go with a more substantial bouquet it would be even more stunning. She decided to go for the pumped of version of the bouquet in the end. This bouquet is not for her but for her friend. What an amazing gift to give to the bride. That is one dear sweet friend.

This bouquet is so romantic, whimsical and dreamy with a vintage feel! Another one of my favorites and I got to try my hand at orange blossoms!


The Flirty Girl said...

" Who knew that this particular bouquet would be so popular on Etsy."

Ummmm I knew. Would like to say I possess special powers that let me see the future but that bouquet was so romantic and so gorgeous I'm not at all surprised it's become a best seller. What a happy accident.

DK Designs said...

LOL! I remember your comment when I first posted the original bouquet. :) It's a fun and flirty bouquet too. :)