Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clay Flowers Featured in Haute Notes Blog of WedLuxe

This is a follow-on to the previous post. One of the comments I received from my good friend and colleague Evonne Wong of and is that I should get in touch with the editors of WedLuxe magazine in Canada. Apparently the luxury wedding magazine for Canada! I am not very familiar with bridal magazines outside of the US ones so I checked out the website and clicked on the Haute Notes which is the Editor's Blog. I'm scrolling down reading the content on hot trends and great finds and low and behold... Guess what I found???? My clay florals! On July 10th they did a short article on my clay flowers on Etsy!
I was so blown away. In the span of 1.5 weeks I got coverage from not 1 but 2 Canadian bridal magazines, one in print and the other online! So ecstatic! :)


Events by Evonne said...

I am so excited for you, Diane! This is great news! Congrats! And thanks for the shout out too! :)

DK Designs said...

If you didn't tell me about WedLuxe I would have never checked out their site and found my feature on the blog! :)