Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Cheery Clay Flower Arrangement

Normally after a big order I go through a lull in creativity and I need a day where I just try to not work too much on flowers or my orders even though I have the next deadline looming over me. My energy level is low because I push myself so hard to get everything done. So yesterday I had one of those days after I finished Sharon & Ryan's order. Didn't help that the dinner I ate last night made me go into food coma big time! LOL. I drank 2 cups of coffee which did nothing until about 9:30 p.m. I finally decided to do a few flowers for a gift that I had been meaning to get to for my friend Darrah at Otis B Jewelry on Etsy! I managed to make all the flowers and I love how this one turned out. Darrah wanted something simple and since she was a florist before, I was a little nervous that she'd be analyzing my flowers in much detail and scrutiny. LOL. Anyway, she wanted something simple and in shades of white, ivory and green. So this is the piece I created for her studio that is being built.
I just thought I'd share this piece because it's so pretty and I love the colors and it makes me smile when I see it!


Cheryl Shoe said...

omg - beauty-full!!!

marie christine said...

Only two words : simply stunning !
The green hydrangea looks especially amazing, fresh and classy !

DK Designs said...

Thanks everyone! :) I love the colors too, simply beautiful. :)