Monday, July 27, 2009

Cake topper, butterflies, flowers and a BIG BLACK BEE!!!

I've been working on some fun little creations the last couple of days. My super duper fantastic bride Alicia is having a big soiree in Maui at the Grand Wailea next week and she asked if I could recreate or create should I say a clay version of butterflies and flowers to match the cake picture above. I so struggled with this one, but I finally found a burst of creative energy and found what I wanted to do. So here are a few shots of the things I'm working on.

You might be wondering, where does the BIG BLACK BEE come into play. Well, Alicia said it's a lucky bee. I guess the story goes that on her wedding day 2 years ago there was a big black bumble bee following her around and her wedding coordinator, Cheryl Shoemaker of Orchid Isle Weddings & Events told her it's a sign of good luck. Well, when Alicia went to Maui to do her site visit and food tasting with the Grand Wailea yet again a big black bumble bee was following her around. So, for her anniversary cake she wanted me to create a cute, sparkly BIG BLACK BEE! :) Talk about being a little nervous, but it was actually kind of fun and even my husband thought it was pretty cute.
The inspiration photo had initials on it, but I didn't trust myself to make a Swarovski crystal "A" so I ordered an acrylic mirror style A from a great Etsy artisan, They were super helpful and got it out to my right away! I decided to embellish it with some flowers and a butterfly since Alicia said she didn't think she would re-use it and need it to be plain.

Tomorrow I will be finishing the final touches on the flowers and butterflies and packing it up to send to the pastry chef at the Grand Wailea. I so wish I could be the big black bee at this event watching it all because it's going to be FABULOUS!!!


marie christine said...

I wish I could be a little butterfly many wonderful flowers to see !

chair covers for wedding said...

You did an incredible job. The bee is a cute touch.

Cheryl Shoe said...

teeheehee D - thanks for sharing the cute BIG black bumblebee story - every time I see one of them - totally makes me think of the big bash! As always a BEAUTY-FULL job and can't wait to share the pictures with you :)