Friday, June 19, 2009

Rustic Elegance - Flowers for a Napa Valley Wedding

In between teaching this week, I've been trying to complete this big bridal order. Will finish it today, but I wanted to share the photos of the bridal bouquet and the high boy centerpieces. Katherine wanted light shades of purple and ivory with a hint of tropical, hence the white plumerias. I love the way it came out. A bunch freshly made clay flowers. Hyacinth, freesia, peonies, Victorian roses, branches and plumerias. Very rustic yet very elegant. I can't wait to see it with her beautiful dress!
She wanted matching centerpieces for the high boy table tops that she intends to give the centerpieces to her friends who she wants to honor even though they can't be part of the bridal party. What a nice gift they will be receiving. :)
More pictures to come soon and then on to the next order on the list...

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