Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bouquets to Art - zenatona & DK Designs' style (Part II)

I've been frantically working to get everything done for the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California's Five Star of Aloha Gala tomorrow night! I can't believe it's already here! I just finished the donation piece that is going to be part of the silent auction. Pretty stressful since it was the last thing I had to really make that the committee was counting on, not to mention all the arrangements for display.
What I wanted to share with you is my interpretation of some of Debbie Friedrich's fine art that she creates through her wonderful company,! I LOVE Debbie's art and I've been encouraging her over the last several months to get zenatona off the ground. She has launched her company back in March and she continually amazes me with her eye for photography and beauty! She shoots with all heart! Since I wanted our display table to be complimentary, I decided to do my interpretation of "Bouquets to Art". So these are how zenatona images inspired me in clay form!
I will also be launching my new line of note cards at the event. Unfortunately I don't have pictures, but I will be photographing them over the next few days and posting them to my Etsy site so stay tuned for some exciting products, which are just an extension of what I do!I can't wait to see her tomorrow and share this journey together! What a wonderful opportunity for both of us and I know we'll enjoy it to the fullest!


Debbie Friedrich said...

yay - the day has arrived! I can't wait to see YOU and these gorgeous floral works of art you created!
Thank you for always being so supportive of my work. I'm truly appreciative!

See you tomorrow!!

TraceyP-Canada said...

Ladies - these are all so GOREGEOUS! What great complementary and beautiful pieces of art! Stunning! Enjoy the Journey.

Events by Evonne said...

These are beautiful, Diane!

Lea McIntosh said...

Love the boquets to Art!! Remind me sometime to share with you a certain book that I have. You will LOVE it!

: )