Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Hydrangeas, Green Bells of Ireland, Shamrocks and Tuberose

Gosh, it's almost been a week since I last did a blog post. Sorry for the distance between posts, but lots of stuff going on between trying to crank out orders, taking care of a sick 4 year old, trying to recover from being sick myself and dealing with a lot of other personal matters. The next two weeks will be hectic trying to get wedding bouquet orders, invitations, centerpieces and more out the door plus teaching. Hope I start feeling better soon!

At any rate, today's post is about my bride Valerie's order. She asked me to create a bouquet with dark blue hydrangeas, green bells of Ireland, shamrocks and some hints of tuberose. Her inspiration comes from a swatch of Tartan fabric so she wanted to stick with those deep hue colors. She's going to wrap the stems herself.
I've done bells of Ireland before, but I tried something new to make them look more lifelike. I added the little things in the center to make them look even more realistic. Working with hydrangeas is kind of challenging. I've figured out though that if I make each cluster it's own stem, it makes it SO much easier to assemble and get the right shape and look that I'm going for!

She also wanted me to make wrist corsages for her mother and her fiance's mother using their favorite flowers. Back to work on my flowers....

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