Monday, May 25, 2009

Varying Shades of Pink - A Calla Lily Bouquet

My bride Katherine asked me if I could do her bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets and a matching groom's boutonniere. She sent me a photo of varying shades of pink calla lilies in a bouquet and asked if I could so something similar. She wanted the bouquet stems to be wrapped in white and crisscrossed with black. This is how the bridal bouquet turned out. Katherine is not getting married until August but she has a bridal photo session coming up next week and asked if I could at least get her bouquet done in time. So this bouquet is shipping tomorrow and I hope to finish her bridesmaid bouquets and groom's boutonniere in the next few weeks. This is my last post for the evening. I have to get back to work on my next order of red roses and stephanotis flowers that need to ship on Saturday. Lots of stuff coming up to do this week. Hopefully I'll also be launching a new product on my Etsy site! :) Will keep you posted on that. :)

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