Friday, May 8, 2009

New Bridal Bouquet - Peach, Apricots, Soft Gold and Ivory

Things have been kind of crazy of late. Lots of family emergencies to contend with which has been emotionally draining, but both of our family members are hopefully on the mend. I've been working on lots of various orders and teaching this week, but I finally finished a bouquet for a client of mine. She asked me to make a bouquet for her daughter-in-law to be. The mother of the bride is paying for the wedding and loved the idea of having a bouquet forever. So she gave me pictures of what the bride liked and this is what transpired. Similar to Miss Pineapple's bouquet, but softer colors. Lots of roses, peonies and tuberose in peaches, apricots, soft golds and ivory.Back to classes tomorrow and then working on flowers, flowers and more flowers!

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Joie De Vie said...

such a pretty color scheme - love it!... i really wish i knew about your work when i got married last year! {sigh}

oh and i'm glad to hear grandma and MIL are on the mend!

have a great weekend and PLEASE take mother's day off - you deserve it! =)