Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Making of 150 Gardenia Favor Boxes!

I've been working on another project this week, 150 mini gardenia flowers to fit on a 2x2x2 inch favor box for a charity event I'm sponsoring for the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California's 7th Annual Five Start Gala Event! This year is supposed to be the biggest one yet! The honoree recipient is Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's Restaurants. One of our favorite places to eat on the islands. I've been making the honoree awards for 3 years and this is my 4th year. They asked me if I would like to sponsor the goody bags as well. So between now and June 4th I will be finishing up the 150 gardenia favor boxes (which I'm able to make 25 gardenias in 60 minutes), finish the 5 strand pikake & pakalana lei for the award, the raffle/silent auction centerpiece and create at least 5-10 arrangements to display and sell at the event. Thank you to Cocoa Bon of Los Gatos for donating the Bellini flavored Jelly Bellys for the event! They come in this cute truffle size tin and they are super tasty! I will be posting more images as I make more items for the event. If you're interested in attending this black tie optional formal event and support a good cause, click here!

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Tracy Pepper said...

Wow, those are exquisite, Diane. So beautiful.